Friday, August 13, 2010

Pin this one down

OK all you smarties! We here at Two Phoebes have exactly ZERO green thumbs. (We like to think we have only gold and platinum thumbs). We sometimes come across flower jewelry, and end up spending hours sorting through google images of flowers and still cannot figure out what we are looking at. That's where you guys can come in and save the day. We happen to know a few botany-minded gardener types, so we're hoping someone just takes a look at this and knows instantly what it is.

So today's jewel is a lovely flower pin, shown here, that has 5 petals. The petals are very textured, giving them a soft appearance.

We are thinking some sort of violet, but have only seen one picture that supports that theory. See our cop-out copy here.

Big e-hugs to the person who leads us down the primrose path on this one.

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